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Welcome to YongMooDo Pakistan!

YongMooDo Championship conducted by Pakistan Yong-moo-do Federation Master Rizwan Zubairi

Pakistan Yongmoodo Player at Yong-Moo-Do Championship
Taekwondo ~ Hapkido ~ Judo ~ Gumdo ~ Serum
YongMooDo is a comprehensive & most practical and self-defensive martial arts training system of new era in combination with several Korean martial arts and related techniques. YongMooDo consist of basic techniques originated from traditional martial arts or combative sports it also carefully involves instinctive movements of humans considering its athletic and self-defensive use.
Prof Dr.RIZWAN MUSTAFA ZUBAIRI, PhD in Martial Arts, International Master Instructor, The 7 th Dan Black Belt is the President and Founder of Pakistan Yongmoodo Federation and working hard to promote YongMoodo in Pakistan. Master Zubairi has been in martial arts and sports for about 35 years and promoting Korean Martial Arts from the platform of Zubairi's Martial Arts Trust since 1983 in Pakistan.


YongMooDo Championship.Summer Camp Glimpses.Summer Camp Video

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Awareness Programs

Black Belts attended YongMooDo Training Seminars

"Master Zubairi taught Yong Moo Do warm ups, stretching, Power generation pushing techniques, hand skills and throwing techniques. He had also demonstrated the jumping round house kicking patterns.

Pakistan YongMooDo Federation conducted training seminars

"Master Rizwan Mustafa Zubairi headed seminar to foster the new Korean Martial Arts system Yong Moo Do, a self-defense & martial arts system based on traditional Korean Martial Arts skills. Master Zubairi is the legitimate founder of this system in Pakistan."

Korean Martial art YongMooDo launched in Pakistan
"Korean Martial Art Yongmoodo has been launched in Pakistan by Rizwan Mustafa Zubairi, the certified trainer & int'l Master Instructor from World Yongmoodo Federation, Korea."

Pakistan yongmoodo summer camp conducted by Suqrat Farooqi Black Belt 1 DAN in Yongmoodo and Taekwondo Kukkiwon

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Yongmudo pakistan sparring middle kick block sweep, yongmoodo sparring techniques
Yongmoodo fighters Group Photo Pakistan Yongmoodo Taekwondo players

Current Events

First Pakistan Yongmoodo Championship. Read More
Pakistan win bronze medal in 3rd world yong-moo-do championship
3rd World Championship
The First Bronze Medal win by Pakistan in Yongmoodo history. Read More
yongmoodo summer camp in karachi pakistan conducted by Suqrat Farooqi
Summer Camps
Next Session of Yongmoodo Training Camp will start on Monday 26th August . Read More

Yongmoodo sparring round-house-kick Yong-moo-do Black Belts

Yongmoodo Self Defense knife disarm, Gun Disarm Techniques, Yongmoodo anti snatching weapons disarm self defense classes

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