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Summer Camp Taekwondo Karate self-defense in north nazimabad karachi kids boys girls summer classes.

TKD Summer Camp helps children:

Become physically fit &  active
Learn self control & cooperation
Learn courtesy & respect
Improve confidence
Set goals & learn how to achieve them

Tackle adversity  SEE DETAILS
  • Sword Fighting Training Kungfu WUSHU Bushiban Nunchaku fight SUDO
  • Best Sword club martial arts classes for boys girls
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  • Wushu sword taulo sword training in karachi

best summer camp taekwondo karate martial-arts games self defense training Sword Training Camp

 Include Prince Martial Arts Sword Training Camp in your schedule this year! Spectacular, fun-filled Broadsword Straight Sword & Martial Arts Weapons Camp to keep you busy and active !
For ages 14 years to onwards.
Our dedicated and experienced instructors are skilled in finding the right mix between learning,

To master the Big Saber, you will need to develop:
Good wrist strength to handle the weapon
Core strength is more important than arm strength
Ability of using chi to propel the weapon for slashes
Swift precise footwork to generate momentum for techniques

Sword Training Camp :
In our Da Dao syllabus, you will be doing:

Basic stances and conditioning exercises for wrist
Individual attacks such as slashing and hacking
Close combat techniques
Weapon handling and maintenance
Footwork to deliver and master techniques
Weapon counterattacks
Combination attacks
Partner drills with forms
Big Saber Form

The Da Dao is a fun discipline of Chinese Kung Fu which delivers good full body workout. It allows learners to immerse themselves in the fighting techniques of war patriots and ancient warriors.

Our exciting and challenging camp can be geared to all ages. Our camp offers the right mix of learning, activity, and fun.

Wake up your internal warrior...
kids summer classes in north nazimabad karachi taekwondo karatay sudo karate kungfu self defense training for kids

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Campus I : Farhan Shaheed Park, Block "I" North Nazaimabad Town, Adjacent Masjid Siddiq e Akbar, Opposite ShipOwners College, Near Five Star.


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If you're looking for Sword Training Classes in Karachi that will keep your child physically active while making friends, having fun, and gaining confidence, then look no further than Prince Martial Arts Academy.

Ancient Weapons Training:
In ancient times, traditional weapons were used for self-defense. The art of combat with these weapons was often developed out of necessity, using common items contemporaries. The bat that accompanied a traveler on his journey can be turned into a weapon, and its use has evolved into an art. The common household item used to carry water from the well was used as a weapon in case of emergency.

Other common items were used as tools of war. In our Classes the study and the discipline of the warrior from ancient times helps us today in our daily battles of life. The discipline of mind and body acquired during the study of any of these weapons in the past is a valuable tool for us today.


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