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Benefits of Email Marketing:
Cheaper, powerful, customizes, faster-results
One of the least expensive methods to reach out your customers and prospects
Email great a great channel for communication
Response rates are four times more than other modes of communication
Most popular among Internet users
Keeps current & potential customers up-to-date on new products & services
Brings visitors back to your site by keeping your message fresh in their minds
Communicate with your clients & prospects proactively...
... Stretch a tight marketing budget with performing Email Campaigns

Our Price .::. Rs. 8,000 for 2 shots .::. with branded software
                     Rs  4,000 for 2 shot .::. using Google Groups

We can help you transform your potential customers into customers, customers into repeat customers with our lead generation. Contact us today for a quote on our email marketing services.

Email Marketing is using email as the medium to reach out your prospects and customers. Email marketing, also known as eMarketing, is web-based applications and services that enable you to select and segment your customers, create and deliver highly personalized messages. Email marketing is a fascinating area of customer relationship management (CRM). Through a blend of technology, business strategy and creative, email marketing helps your achieve your marketing efforts and strategic objectives faster and effective. Studies conducted by industry sources revealed that two-third of the companies across the world improved their returns through email marketing in 2002-’03. Email marketing offers you a wonderful way to promote your products and services at an irresistible pride. Steam Concepts has millions of opt-in lists across all industries. Take advantage of our highly customized email marketing services and never can you need to worry about your returns.